Chemotherapy Clinical Guidelines


Clinical Guidelines

DISCLAIMER: The clinical guidelines on this website are for local guidance only, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. There are a number of guidelines that are past their expiry / review date. These are retained on the website for information only, they must only be used on the understanding the responsibility of the use lies with local organisations and not the NCA. NCA cannot accept responsibility for the validity of content of any documents that are past the review date.


NCA Non Medical Prescribing Review Guidance v2.3 January 22

NCA Oral Anticancer medicine Policy version 1.9

Review Date

January 2025

January 2025

NCA Chemotherapy Administration Policy v1.6 2018.03.16 30.03.2021
ALLERGIC Reactions and HYPERSENSITIVITY Policy v1.5 January 2021
ANTIEMETIC guidelines for CINV v2.5 March 2021
EXTRAVASATION Guidelines v5.5 November 2019
SAVENE Pt Referral Form v4.0 January 2021
NCA Guidelines for Community Management of Chemotherapy Toxicity v1.5 20.06.2021
NCA 24 Hour Telephone Advice Specification v1.4 June 18 10.06.2021
Adult VENOUS ACCESS and CVAD Policy v3.0 January 2021
NCA Oral Anticancer medicine Policy version 1.9 January 2020
NCA Policy on scalp cooling to prevent alopecia v1.4 20.06.2021
Policy for the use of ERYTHROPOETINS for cancer treatment induced anaemia v1.6 January 2021
NECN Non Medical Prescribing Review Guidance v2.2 16.07.18 September 2021
G-CSF Guidelines v1.5 January 2021
Training Guidelines
Title Review Date
Assessment of COMPETENCE Policy v2.4 March 2021
Chemotherapy NURSE TRAINING Policy v3.0 Feb 2021
Patient Information
Title   Review Date
NCA Influenza leaflet 2019 v3.0 September 2022
Trastuzumab Biosimilar Information Leaflet 24.03.2021
Miscellaneous Documents
Title Review Date
New Drug Capacity Calculator
Capacity Calculator User Manual UK_ONC_0013_13d(1)
Monitoring for DPD toxicity Guidelines template March 2018  March 2020
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