Head and Neck – Help Us Help You

Plea for people to be aware of the early signs of head and neck cancer

A northern cancer specialist is reminding people across the region to be aware of early signs of head and neck cancer and not to put off seeking help during the pandemic.

The Northern Cancer Alliance is supporting the Northern Head and Neck Cancer Charity’s ongoing awareness campaign, which is urging people who are experiencing any unusual mouth or neck symptoms that have lasted for three weeks or more, not to delay visiting their doctor, dentist or pharmacist.

In this video Mr James O’Hara, Clinical Lead Head and Neck Pathway Board explains more about the signs and symptoms you should be looking out for and and what to do if you have any concerns.

Watch Nigel’s Story and hear his experience of surviving cancer of the larynx, and why he believes it is vitally important that you see a healthcare professional if you are concerned about cancer.

Useful Resources for Patients

Download the Head and Neck Cancer Charity Poster to help recognise signs and symptoms:

Dentists also play a critical role in spotting the signs and symptoms – read this press release from NHS Tees Valley Clinical Commissioning Group for guidance on the re-opening of dental practices and speak to your own dental practice if you have any concerns:

Download Press Release