Cancer Care Map

Northern Cancer Alliance is working with Cancer Care Map to help make local information and support to those experiencing cancer more widely available. 

What is Cancer Care Map?
Cancer Care Map is an online resource to help people living with cancer to find information, support or services available from organisations in their local area.

How does it work?
By entering your postcode into the site, details of local cancer services and other support nearest to you can be listed.  You can also search for services or support by a particular theme or topic to find out what support is available, such as fatigue, emotional support or benefits advice.

Who can use Cancer Care Map?
People with cancer, carers, friends and family or anyone affected by cancer can use the site to search for local cancer-related organisations and support. Cancer Care Map is also a helpful resource for health professionals and community-based services, such as social prescribers or cancer care co-ordinators, to signpost those experiencing cancer to local support.

Why is it needed?
There is a wide range of organisations and services available to those experiencing cancer which can be confusing or overwhelming.  Cancer Care Map aims to make sure that no one goes unsupported because they are not aware of a service in their local area.

How do I know information is up to date?
A team is available to regularly update the site and ensure online information on services is current.  You can also add services to the site from your area that may not already be listed by contacting the team through the website.

You can access Cancer Care Map here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts or feedback on using Cancer Care Map, if you’d like to share these please email us.