Northern Cancer Alliance Bitesize Learning Event December 2020

The Northern Cancer Alliance hosted a bite sized learning event at the beginning of December 2020 as an alternative to their annual conference (not possible due to pandemic restrictions). This event consisted of a number of live webinar sessions held across the week beginning 07/12/2020. Webinars covered a wide variety of topics including Palliative & End of Life Care, Personalised Care, Patient Experience, Teledermatology and Health Inequalities. All of the sessions from the week are available to listen again.

The full playlist of the sessions is available below, followed by recordings of individual sessions.


Cancer Doesn’t Stop for Because of Coronavirus

This session will detail first hand the impact both physically and psychologically of lockdown on people living with cancer and some of the support needs that have evolved over the last 8 months.This includes some case studies of people who have cancer and the issues they have faced.

Delivering Palliative & End of Life Care

This session will detail the national structure, priorities and the 5 year plan and provide an update on regional work, including document reviews and digital developments.

Reducing Health Inequalities

This session will discuss primary and secondary prevention through tobacco control, healthy weight and reducing alcohol abuse.


This session will share experiences of implementing teledermatology within 2WW urgent referral skin pathways.

Primary Care Networks

A session detailing development opportunities for supporting early cancer diagnosis within Primary Care Networks.

Personalised Care – “The Domino Effect”

This session will look at how interwoven each aspect of the personalised care agenda is and how missing out one component can have a knock on effect on the patient and fellow clinicians. It will also explore the impact of Covid-19 on personalised care and the importance placed on personalised care as part of the local and national recovery plans.

MDT Shared Decision Making – The Emperors New Clothes

This session will explore the challenges that clinicians can face when involving patients in complex team decisions and explore the how best to overcome these challenges.

National Cancer Programme Presentations

This final session includes presentations from Professor Peter Johnson (National Clinical Director for Cancer), Dan Cariad (Deputy Director – Operations) and Alice Simon (Senior Programme Manager – Quality of Life).