Early Diagnosis Transformation Programme

Northern Cancer Alliance was awarded funding from this national programme in 2017 to improve earlier detection of cancers – finding malignant disease at an early stage in general gives patients more options for treatment and increases the chances of their treatment being successful.

Download our plan on a page below to see the main areas of work we fund through this programme:

Early Diagnosis Transformation Plan on a Page 2018

The early diagnosis transformation programme is funded nationally to address some of our biggest challenges: over half the funding is dedicated to prevention, risk reduction and awareness.

This region’s population counts higher rates of long-term health conditions and there is greater likelihood of risky behaviours such as smoking and harmful alcohol use. We need to increase bowel, cervical and breast screening take-up rates.

The region has relatively high rates of diagnosis of cancer by emergency presentations (which has poorer outcomes) and relatively wide variation in the use of urgent 2-week referral between the most and least deprived areas.

Lung cancer is the cause of the greatest number of deaths.

There is significant variation in 1-year survival across the region.

The rest of the programme funding supports improvement in services, introduction of new treatment pathways and modernising diagnostics in pathology and radiology. Workforce development is central to improving patient experience and achieving better outcomes.