Liver Surveillance

The Northern Cancer Alliance (NCA) is supporting Liver Services to invite >80% of patients with cirrhosis/advanced fibrosis to 6-monthly ultrasound surveillance and support >60% of those invited to attend.

We are working with our Upper GI Pathway Group, a clinically led multi-disciplinary (including patient/lay representation), multi-agency group leading transformation across the whole breadth of UGI cancer.

The current Liver Surveillance Digital Task and Finish Group will ensure all providers have resources to continue their work to introduce and develop call/recall and manage patients on surveillance registers. The NCA and its providers have made progress in 23/24 on collecting data and implementing systems for call/recall and to manage patients within systems of liver surveillance registers.

In 24/25 the Upper GI Pathway Group is continuing, through its Liver Surveillance Digital Task and Finish Group, to refine, implement, and monitor an action plan to ensure systems and processes are in place within individual Trusts for robust call/recall, managing patients in the pathway and delivering HCC minimum standards.

The NCA hosted a Liver Surveillance Share and Learn Event on 25th June. The purpose of the session was to gain a better understanding of:

  • the national planning asks in 24/25.
  • the work being done across the Integrated Care System to improve liver surveillance.
  • the support available from the Northern Cancer Alliance and each other.
  • the support available from the national team.

As well as

  • identify any key issues, challenges, or opportunities locally and how to address them.
  • create a community of mutual support and learning.

Watch the recording of the Liver Surveillance Share and Learn Event here.