Cumbria, North East Imaging Group [CNEIG] Imaging Board

CNEIG Imaging Board aims to design excellent long term imaging services for patients in Cumbria and the North East, addressing current workforce and technological challenges to support acute and community medical services.

This group has identified 3 key work-streams:

Interventional Radiology – to consider a local clinically led network [hub and spoke model] making the best use of available workforce and equipment and consider movement of patients/staff as appropriate around the region.

Workforce – progress the Clinical Passport for medical staff and consider extending to Allied Healthcare Professionals if successful.  Consider training provision and requirements to produce and maintain staffing levels to provide a robust regional service.

Networked Solutions – progress to a network-wide IT system, allowing movement of images and reports.  This will facilitate MDT working, cross-site specialist reporting and potentially the formation of a ‘pan-regional insourcing’ collaborative.

Useful documents:

HPB MDM Radiology protocols

Radiology/Learning Disability GA Pathway

The North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network and Northern Cancer Alliance have worked collaboratively to design and develop a reasonably adjusted care pathway for people with learning disabilities who require general anaesthetic [GA] for diagnostic imaging after it emerged there was significant delay, variation and inequality across Cumbria and the North East.

The pathway supports trusts to ensure they are able to comply with the NICE two week wait cancer guidelines by providing an equitable service to people with learning disabilities and will also be useful for other vulnerable people who require a similar reasonable adjustment.

Useful documents:

Imaging under general anaesthetics pathway and guidance

Useful documents:

Agreed HPB Imaging protocol