Supporting Primary Care

This page will continue to be developed with resources for GPs and primary care teams to support early diagnosis and understanding cancer pathways.  The resources here include:

Fast Track Suspected Cancer referral forms – Agreed for use across the region. For use integrated in GP clinical systems EMIS and System One.  To access fast track information films for GP’s and patients please click here

Changes to Cancer Waiting Times and what that means for primary care and 2WW referrals can be found here

Patient information leaflets for Fast Track Suspected Cancer referrals – including easy read versions for each trust across the region.

Pathway guidance – Some information to support decision making in primary care around the upper and lower GI pathway.

Fast Track Suspected Cancer Referral Forms

Information for accessing and using the fast track suspected cancer referral forms for EMIS and System One.

Fast Track Suspected Cancer Referral – PIL

Access Fast Track Suspected Cancer Referral – Patient Information Leaflets here

Children & Young People Referral Guidance

British Sign Language Film – Information about Fast Track Referrals during Covid

The film below has been produced by Wessex Cancer Alliance to provide information about fast track referrals in British Sign Language (BSL).


Cervical Screening with Learning Disability – Support Materials for Sample Takers

Resources which have been developed to support women with a learning disability accessing cervical screening

Bowel Cancer Screening Easy Read Guide for Patients

An information recourse for patients who require and easy read version for Bowel Cancer Screening

Cancer Information for Patients and Health Professionals

NHS Choices information website – cancer page

Macmillan Cancer Support information page

CRUK (Cancer Research UK) cancer information page

National Cancer Patient Experience Survey Annual Report

Quality of Life Patient Survey

There are also many site-specific cancer charities with helpful websites which can be found by searching the web.

Breast Pain Pathway

Information for GPs on Breast Pain

Information for Patients on Breast Pain

Breast Pain Pathway Flowchart Overview

Breast Cancer Now Benign Breast Conditions Leaflet

Breast Cancer Now “Know Your Breasts” Guide to Breast Awareness and Screening

Listen here to Gwen Bromley, Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon at the QE Gateshead, discuss breast pain with Clinical Nurse Specialist in breast, Caroline Tweedie.

Contacts for local MUO teams


Practice and CCG Cancer Statistics

Fingertips – a public health hosted site with both individual GP practice and CCG data

Fingertips user guide

CCG cancer data on the cancer dashboard – NHS England website

National and local (CCG) cancer data – hosted by CRUK


SIRMS Cancer report Jan 2017

Royal College of General Practice – Significant Event Analysis and Safety Netting Advice

Royal College of General Practice: Early Diagnosis of Cancer Significant Event Analysis Toolkit

This website includes advice regarding safety netting.

Primary Care Cancer Education

Royal College of General Practice e-learning

The GP Cancer Update course is highly regarded independent course providing an up to date evidence based cancer education.

Gateway C

Free education for GPs paid for by Health Education North East

Mind Maps

Easy symptom checker based on NG12