Cancer Decision Support (CDS) Tools

Cancer Decision Support (CDS) Tools can offer a helpful way for clinicians to identify suspected cancer earlier.

The NHS has set  ambitious targets for Early Cancer Diagnosis increase proportion of cancers diagnosed at stage I & II to 75% by 2028.

How can we use CDS tools and resources to help identify cancer suspected patients and refer for diagnosis earlier?

All these tools are based on NG12 Guidelines not local guidelines.

CRUK NG12 Infographic

Ardens Cancer Support Tools Overview:

Ardens provides Cancer Support Tools built into all packages within EMIS and Systmone.

The videos below provide an overview of these support tools for either EMIS and Systmone (45 mins):



Free Online Cancer Decision Support (CDS) Tools Overview:

The video below provides an overview of two Free Online CDS tools (Q Cancer and Cancer Maps) (15 mins):

20230201 Cancer Decision Support (CDS) Tools Presentation NCA

Q Cancer – a patient centred score (Summary)

  • Gender specific patient centred score
  • Today’s QCancer® score
    • gives a risk of undiagnosed cancer for the individual across a whole range of tumour sites.
  • The QCancer® 10 year score
    • risk of a patient developing cancer over the next 10 years given their individual risk factors
  • Can be integrated within EMIS

Cancer Maps – Gateway C (Summary)

  • Interactive MIND MAP tool
  • Summarises NG12 guidance in 3 Maps
  • Can toggle view between MAP 1, 2 or 3 or view all.
  • Each Map summarises different cancer areas
  • Click on branches to see NG12 guidance
  • Can use Maps to review NG12 Guidance, including investigations
  • Does NOT conform to Regional Lower GI or FIT guidance

Dr Shaun Lackey, Clinical Lead, NCA