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In response to COVID and the FIT studies for patients referred Lower GI 2 week referrals the Northern Cancer Alliance after discussion with the Lower GI Expert Advisory Group have update the referral criteria for Lower GI 2 week referrals. See video here and read FIT in the Colorectal Pathway and Lower GI 2WW pathway and LGI 2WW FAQs September 2020. The 2 week referral form has also been updated – under 2 week referral forms




This is the new combined GI symptoms suspected cancer referral pathway for NCA. In the areas where it has been adopted, it will replace the separate upper and lower GI referral pathways. The referral form is available electronically in SystemOne and EMIS with the other suspected cancer 2WW referral forms.

Combined GI symptoms suspected cancer referral pathway

Upper GI

PDF version of the upper gastro-intestinal symptoms pathway and the dyspepsia non-invasive management referral guidance:

Suggested Management Pathway: Upper GI Symptoms

ENDOSCOPY – regional open access upper GI V1 (PDF Version)

ENDOSCOPY – regional open access upper GI V1 (Zipped Folder for EMIS Practices)


FIT (faecal immunochemical test) is changing how we assess colorectal symptoms and identify risk of colorectal cancer. It has been used for the last couple of years in the bowel cancer screening program and for people with low and medium risk colorectal symptoms.

FIT can now also be used for people with symptoms consistent with NICE NG12 2ww referral criteria.

Below are links to helpful sources of information:

FIT test – Frequently Asked Questions for GP’s

FIT test – Information film for GP’s

Film – GP Alistair Blair and Consultant Gastroenterologist Dave Nylander discussing FIT

Film – Alistair Blair and Colorectal Consultant Iain McCallum discussing FIT

NICE endorsed BSG FIT guidance explained

Information for patients

Below are links to a patient leaflet for use in primary care settings.

FIT symptomatic test – NCA Patient leaflet – colour version

Fit symptomatic test – NCA Patient leaflet – black & white version

FIT symptomatic test – Patient information animation

This short animation has been developed to support patients completing a symptomatic FIT test.