Impact and Investment Fund (IIF)

In 2023/24, the number of indicators in the IIF will be reduced from 36 to five, however, the focus on FIT use in early cancer diagnosis will remain.

CAN-02: FIT testing before referrals 2023/24 update:

CAN-02: Percentage of lower gastrointestinal two week wait (fast track) cancer referrals accompanied by a faecal immunochemical test result, with the result recorded in the twenty-one days leading up to the referral.

In the 2023/24 GP Contract, IIF: CAN-02 remains broadly the same, however the qualifying criteria has been tightened to include only the 21 days prior to referral, with the “14 days after the referral” criteria being dropped.

GP Practice IIF FIT Data:

Practices can access their Investment and Impact Fund (IIF) data via the following link:

PCN Dashboard – NHS England

This PCN Dashboard provides quarterly data & allows for Deep Dive into PCNs data.

CDRC or Ardens reports:

Practices can also run real time reports within their clinical systems through the CDRC or Ardens PCN DES reports:

e.g CDRC report can be found: DCS/CDRC contracting > PCN DES


Dr Shaun Lackey, Clinical Lead, NCA