Increase Uptake of National Screening Programmes

Working with NCA and Public Health Commissioners agree the PCN contribution to local efforts to improve screening uptake (cervical, breast and bowel)

  • Review screening data
  • Build on any existing actions across PCN practices

Include at least one specific action to engage a low participation group; locally.


Getting Started 

Visit the CRUK GP contract hub 

Understand Your Data

Visit our Referral Practices for Suspected Cancers data page here.

NHS Digital Cervical Screening Data

Information in this quarterly publication is presented at primary care, clinical commissioning group (CCG) and local authority levels. Data is published in 3 separate online interactive dashboards.

Review the NHS Digital cervical screening data here.

Identify patient population inequalities and focus screening 

This ‘Reducing Inequalities in Bowel Screening Guide’ produced b