Review Referral Practices for Suspected Cancers

PCNs are asked to review their data to guide their cancer plan.

PCN should look to address any health inequalities and to improve patient cancer outcomes.

The PCN plan should include:


  • Review practice level data to explore presentation and diagnostic trends – eg. PHE Fingertips data
  • Review the quality of suspected cancer referrals (in line with NICE NG12) – through audit and reflective practice
  • Make use of and available Clinical Decision-Making Tools
  • Make use of Rapid Diagnostic Pathways for Vague Symptoms

Safety Netting  

  • Building on current practice to ensure a consistent approach in monitoring patients who have been referred urgently
  • Or for follow up for further investigations to exclude the possibility of cancer
  • For more information and advice on audits see the CRUK GP Contract Hub Here
  • For more information and advice see the CRUK Contract Hub Here

Patient Information

Ensuring that all patients are signposted to or receive:

  • Information on their referral including why they are being referred.
  • Information on the importance of attending appointments.
  • Information on where they can access further support.
  • 2WW patient information leaflets