Two Week Wait Referral Forms


Information on the Latest Release of the NCA regional 2WW forms – Jan 2020

The forms have been developed in collaboration with the Network Site Specific Groups (NSSGs, now Cancer Alliance Expert Reference Groups), the Network GP Cancer Leads and the Cancer in the Community Group. The forms have been agreed at a regional level and can be used by Primary Care to refer to any trust in the region.

The forms are in line with the NICE guidance NG12: Suspected Cancer Recognition and Referral. They have been developed to be used as integrated forms in EMIS Web and System One GP clinical systems.

The forms have been designed to optimise the clinical information in the referral to support the safe and effective care of people being referred to hospital for investigations for suspected cancer.

Most people referred to hospital in this way do not have cancer.

Please use the documents here to check you are using the most up to date 2WW forms.

All forms should be completed in the clinical system even if the form has to be emailed.

You will find here:

Latest version (November 2020)

EMIS Information
  1. The latest 2ww forms for EMIS Web in a Zipped Folder
  2. Instructions on installation of the EMIS forms.
  3. Instructions for use of the forms in EMIS web.
SYSTEM ONE Information
  1. DCS system Introductions and DCS Organisation Group Instructions on how to access forms in System One format.
  2. Instructions for use of the forms in System One

General Information

  1. Guidance on the development and use of the new forms.
  2. List of contacts for each trust if the form cannot be sent on the e-referral system.
  3. List of contacts for each trust for CUP referrals
  4. List of contacts for CRUK facilitators
  5. The latest version of 2ww forms as interactive PDF’s. For reference. DO NOT LOAD THE PDF FORMS INTO ANY CLINCIAL SYSTEMS. Please use the forms directly in EMIS and system on following the instructions above.
    1. BREAST
    2. BRAIN CNS
    5. HEAD &  NECK
    6. LUNG
    7. SARCOMA
    8. SKIN
    9. THYROID
    10. UPPER GI
    11. LOWER GI
    12. UROLOGY
    13. Malignancy of Undefined Origin
    14. Referral Header Sheet V4

Dental 2WW Referral Form

The form below can be downloaded and used as a fillable form.  A Word version of this document has been circulated out to individual practices.

Please contact the Alliance for any queries:

Dental 2WW referral form for Oral Surgery

Contact details for submitting 2ww forms