62 Day Pathway

Over the past year the Alliance has coordinated a piece of work to revisit the 62 day cancer patient pathways which were produced some time ago, and at the time were quite aspirational.

NHS England, the Trust Development Authority, and Monitor requested that each Trust should have timed pathways specific to breast, colorectal, lung, hepatobiliary, upper gastrointestinal, and urology. Trusts across the region agreed for the Alliance to progress this piece of work.

Specific points to be considered and incorporated within the 62 day patient pathway were:

  • key activities such as out-patient assessment
  • key diagnostics
  • inter-provider transfer
  • TCI dates

The initial six tumour site pathways have been completed with the Alliance now producing pathways for the remaining tumour sites. Clinical engagement in this piece of work has highlighted where some practices have changed due to more advanced diagnostics or treatments. As a result, work will continue to improve the pathways further.