Quality of Life Patient Survey

Cancer Quality of Life Survey

Public Health England, NHS England and NHS Improvement are leading the way in cancer care by recognising that quality of life (QoL) outcomes are as important to patients as survival. The nationwide launch of a QoL survey took place in September 2020. Initially people who have been diagnosed with breast, prostate or colorectal cancer will be surveyed. People with all other cancer types will be included from 2021 onwards. People will be a sent a survey 18 months after their diagnosis to assess their QoL. The information collected from the survey will be used to work out how best to support the growing number of people living with and beyond cancer. This is an ambitious programme with a scale and depth that isn’t being matched anywhere else in the world.

A Quality of Life Survey patient information leaflet is available here.

For further information please visit the Quality of Life Survey website by clicking here.