Why Should I Attend a Lung Health Check?

Your lungs work hard every minute of your life…as you get older, it’s worth getting them checked out.

A Lung Health Check can give you the reassurance that your lungs are healthy, or it could help find problems early.

We know that early diagnosis of lung cancer can mean the difference between life and death. When any cancer is found early, treatment can be simpler and more successful, and this is also the case for lung cancer.

Often, people don’t have symptoms of lung cancer until the disease is in its late stages. This can mean that a cure is not possible by the time the cancer is found.

Most people found to have a lung cancer through the Targeted Lung Health Checks Programme are found to have an early lung cancer and receive treatment to cure them.

Having a Lung Health Check and CT scan if you are offered one could mean that, if you have changes in your lungs, these can be monitored and if you need treatment, this can be offered early.

Symptoms aren’t always evident until the disease is in its late stages, meaning people often don’t seek help until their disease is advanced and treatment is less likely to be curative.

  • People are often worried about seeking help
  • People explain their symptoms away as being nothing to worry about